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10 Summer Cost Saving Moving Tips

Amber Moves: Common Moving Mistakes to Watch Out From

August 29th, 2014

Moving can be tough. No one ever said it was a piece of cake but of course there are ways to make the stress less and the hassle nothing to worry about. There are various tips, tricks and techniques out there and not to mention handy professional teams to seek help from. However it is still fairly easy to fall trap into the common moving mistakes especially if you haven’t educated yourself properly regarding the process. Luckily, Amber Moves is here to warn us about the said pitfalls. Heed up!

moving tipsMistake # 1: ALL ON YOUR OWN – We could all be stubborn at times and refuse to ask for help when we need to. Relocations need a whole lot of time and effort and if your schedule does not permit, you have way too many stuff to work with or are moving really far away then don’t make the mistake of doing everything all on your own. You should call the help of friends, family or even get the services of professional movers.

Mistake # 2: NO PLANNING – You have to plan everything down and even schedule things especially with regard to packing. This not only serves as your guide but will also keep things flowing smoothly as you have a road map to guide you.

Mistake # 3: LACK OF FALLBACK – In a span of months a lot of things can happen so it is necessary that you create a fallback plan in case of adversities such as natural calamities, change in work schedule, etcetera.

Mistake # 4: WRONG PACKING SUPPLIES – Be sure that you have with you the right packing supplies. Remember that there are various items that will best protect certain belongings. Wardrobe boxes for hanged clothes and dish barrels for china, glasses and bowls are a few examples.

Mistake # 5: TOO MUCH SUPPLY – Likewise having way too many supplies is a bad thing especially if you have no use for them. Make an inventory of your item so you only buy what you need and don’t buy the entire hardware store.

Mistake # 6: CRAMPED UP – Additionally, people tend to put way too much items in one container. Doing so will only make the box heavier which might make it too hefty to carry around. Plus, it could burst up in no time.

Mistake # 7: LACK OF VEHICLE SPACE – Another thing that many individuals fail at is regarding the moving truck. Be sure that you know how many and how big your items are so you could get the appropriate vehicle.

Those are all the moving mistakes that Amber Moves warns us about. Be careful not to fall trap!

Amber Moves Tips on Packing Important Documents and Papers

July 30th, 2014

Moving and relocation are fairly common both to individuals and businesses alike. Families may wish to relocate for reasons of education, career opportunities and greener pastures while businesses do so mostly for purposes of expansion, better operations and wider market reach. The belongings or assets of both parties that have to be packed and moved would obviously vary. Families have assets they use for their day to day living while companies own those that aid them in their daily operations. But both have a common denominator. Both families and businesses have important documents to pack, move, transfer and secure. Amber Moves has some tips for us on proper packing of important documents and papers.

packing tipsTip Number One: Being organized has its perks. Categorize and segregate all your files. At home your files could range from receipts, bills, birth certificates, asset titles, credit card and bank accounts, school records, health certificates and the like. In the office, the documents to be dealt with are vaster and will vary from one departmental office to another. Segregating and categorizing all of these would be beneficial as it would avoid for any files to get lost while in transit.

Tip Number Two: Choose sturdy, durable and thick boxes. Remember that files and documents are printed on paper. Alone this may be light but altogether they can pack some heavy weight in which case sturdy and durable cartons are a must. Additionally, you have to make sure that during the transit, it is protected from any moisture or else they will get drenched and their print could dissolve.

Tip Number Three: See to it that you label your boxes. You do not want these documents to get mixed up with your other belongings or assets. They could get lost in the pile or even get squished by heavier equipment and furniture while en route to your new place. Labeling them properly should make it easier for you and your movers to know what should be handled with care.

Tip Number Four: Amber Moves experts also suggest that as much as possible, keep very important and confidential documents with you. For families and individuals, your files would most likely be as many as one to two boxes thus it is advisable that you keep the cartons containing them near you. Preferably in your personal vehicle and not in the moving van. For business owners, getting a secure and special relocation van would be the best option.



Employees on What to Do During Office Relocation

June 17th, 2014

Office relocation is fairly common in the business world. It often signals growth and expansion but sometimes it could also be a distress signal however in most cases, the former prevails. One of the company’s main concerns during the moving process is their employees and they will be doing a series of tasks and procedures dedicated to them. Remember that it is not only the physical assets that moves with the business, every single aspect of the organization and that includes its people are doing the move. As employees, what then should you do during an office relocation?

  1. office relocationBE INFORMED AND READ MEMOS
    Be sure to be up to date. This you can do in many ways. You can read inter-office memorandums, stop and read the announcements on the bulletin board or simply as colleagues and bosses. You have to know the process to better be able to participate in it.
    Businesses are likely to hire a removal firm to facilitate the moving process. Oftentimes the said movers with the permission and instruction of the company can give and hold for all the employees a seminar to increase awareness about the different steps in the process as well as packing tips and techniques.


    How far is the new office going to be from where you live? If it is quite a distance will your employer provide you with a transportation allowance or relocation bonus? When moving, companies would anticipate resignations as some employees would be at a disadvantage when it comes to this. Consider your situation. Some people would not mind so much while this could be a big issue for others.
    Be sure that you lend a hand to the organization. After all, everyone is moving. Do not slack around while your colleagues go packing their personal items in their cubicles and offices. Surely, you do not want to be a pain to them.
    Because a business on the move is a business on hiatus, schedules have to be premade and followed diligently. Be a good and model employee. Follow and do what is asked if not better. For every hour that the relocation process extends, such is coupled with certain degrees of losses and expenses.

Amber Moves: Moving Without Bringing the Clutter

April 24th, 2014

Relocating to a new home is a great time to sort stuff up and get rid of the clutter. According to most professional movers, people have the tendency to bring with them junk and useless stuff. It not only costs more but it also tightens up your available storage space because the tendency is they will all end up either in the garage or the attic. So the best thing there is really is to leave everything that does not serve their purpose anymore. How exactly do you go about that? Our friendly experts at Amber Moves have some answers for us.

SORT IT OUT – First off, go through over and sort all your belongings. Take for example your clothes, shoes and dinnerware. There will always be items that you have outgrown. Those that are out of the season and do not fit your taste anymore. There could even be items that you have in excess. For example, you only live in a four person household but have twenty glasses. Too much is not necessary.

moving boxesBRING IN THE BOXES – Use boxes and cartons to better organize things. Do not simply put the “keep” stuff in one pile and the “do not keep” items in another. You do not want to wreak havoc in your home and make packing more troublesome. Segregate with the use of containers.

DON’T FORGET THE LABELS – We do not want any mix-ups to happen. Not even a single one. To avoid doing so, always label those boxes. A good marker should do the trick.

FOREGO STUFF – Now what can you do about the items that you labeled as “do not keep”? If they are in bad shape and will not be of use anymore, it is bets to throw them away but if they are in good condition then by all means do either or all of the following:

  1. SELL THEM ON A GARAGE SALE – This is a good way to earn some extra money and at the same time get rid of some stuff. Who doesn’t love a garage sale anyway?
  2. PUT THEM UP ON EBAY OR AMAZON – If you do not feel like setting up a garage sale, then use technology, take a picture and post them in amazon or E-bay.
  3. GIVE THEM AWAY TO FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS – If some of the stuff is too sentimental or you simply have no time to sell things off then give them to close friends, relatives or your jolly good neighbors.
  4. DONATE THEM TO CHARITY – Lastly Amber Moves suggest that you donate them to charity. You may choose to donate all of them or the items that were not sold off.

Be Wary When Getting a Home Removal Company

March 30th, 2014

Hiring a home removal company is such a stress reliever. It is supposed to be unless you got the wrong people for the job. You will hear a lot of horror stories from people who failed to get professionals and instead got victimized by scams or hired poor quality teams. To help you find the right individuals and to aid you in avoiding those moving horrors here are some things to be reminded of.

  • home removal companyBe Cautious of Low Estimates. When they give you a really low quote at the onset, this should raise red flags and not signal victory. You might be facing a company that has a lot of hidden charges. When a quote sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Be careful not to fall into the trap. Inquire and be inquisitive.
  • Don’t Accept a Quote Via Phone Call. In order to have the best estimate of your possible fees, someone from the company has to go to your home. They will take a look at all your belongings, what needs to be packed and how to transport them. They should not even charge you for it! Never accept an estimate via phone. The same holds true for the internet and emails. How on earth are they able to determine a price without seeing what should be done and taken cared off in the first place?
  • The Quote Should Already Include Packing Supplies. There are those who will charge you for every packing supply used on top of the fee you were already given. A reputable home removal company will provide you with the needed materials inclusive of the fees. Be careful as some companies overcharge in this area.
  • Check License and Certification at All Times. Be sure to ask for their license and certifications before signing any contracts. You would not want to work with people who do not have the right skills! They should be part of the National Guild of Removers and Storers which is the largest regulating body in the moving industry that upholds service quality and customer protection.
  • A Refund Policy and Halt Procedure Should be Available. Should things go bad, belongings damaged, items lost and work be poorly performed, customers should have the right to ask for a refund and damages and be allowed to halt the job. There should also be the presence of insurance to cover all these.

How To Organize For The Big Move

February 25th, 2014

Moving to a new home is a daunting task. Sometimes, you don’t even know where to start! Just thinking about all the things that you need to pack is exhausting, not to mention all the piles of clutter you have collected in your garage. Plus you need to think of what things to buy for your new home. Let’s face it; you want to buy new stuff for your new place too! So where will you start?

  1. Analyse – You need to analyse the situation that you are currently in. How big is the space at the new place you are moving into? Which stuff are you bringing and which stuff are you letting go of? A mental note is a good start. Then write things down when you have organized your thoughts.
  2. home moversScout for movers – Let’s face it. You are not superman. What with all the packing, lifting, moving and unloading you will be doing, you can’t just do it all by yourself can you? So call some movers or research on the internet. Get a quote and choose one mover.
  3. Sort – Now this is crucial, don’t bring EVERYTHING you have into your new home. Come on, you don’t need everything you have at the moment. Those piles of junk at the garage that’s been sitting there for ages? Do you really need those? No! Of course not, but you just love to keep them for no reason. I get it. But sometimes, you have to learn how to let go. Get rid of all the clutter. Do a garage sale or donate them to charity.
  4. Packing list – Number your boxes and label them as to which room they belong to. So that it is easier to sort when unloading the boxes from the moving van. Create a simple list of all the things inside the box. So every box number has an itemized list, this way you can keep track of what’s inside the box without opening and closing every single box if you are looking for a certain item. You wouldn’t want to open every box until you find a pair of scissors right?
  5. Meals and Water – On the day of the move everybody will be so busy, so don’t forget to plan on what food to prepare for everyone who helped you with the move. Lots of cold water can be very comforting after lifting all those boxes into and out of the van.

All set! Now you are ready to get your move on! Good luck!

London’s Leading Removal Company Warns Us of Common Moving Mishaps

February 20th, 2014

In a few months’ time you are about to move to your new place. It’s time to make new memories and new friends. It may sound intimidating and scary at first but it’ll be fun. It’s like your first day in school in kindergarten. At first you sit silently at a chair around the corner but after a few minutes you find new playmates and are already having the time of your life! But then if you don’t do your relocation right then this could be a nightmare for you. Do you want to know what to take heed from and avoid? Lucky you as London’s leading removal company, Amber Moves warn us of the following common moving mishaps.

moving tipsWRONG FIT, WRONG TOWN, WRONG HOUSE – Before you make the purchase and decide to move into a new home, be sure that you have piously investigated the place, the town and its location. Will it be convenient with regard to your work place, to your children’s schools and everyone else’s lifestyles? Is it strategically located near a grocery store, mechanic, bakery, hospital and other important establishments? Are there bad neighbors?

NOT CALLING FOR HELP – Most people think that they can wing it even if part of them says they can’t. Surely staying positive is something good but if you need help call for it.  If you hire in the movers or removal firm in the middle of your relocating don’t you think you’ve wasted considerable value for your money and not to mention the effort and stress you’ve been through? Get help from the onset.

NO LABELS NO INVENTORY – No it’s not an OCD thing. Labeling your boxes and cartons with their contents and numbering them has its perks. First, it allows for easier organization when it’s time to load them up in the truck and it makes segregating them into the different rooms smoother. Do you want to pry open every box looking for the frying pan all day? Second, an inventory will help you detect if something is lost, missing or left behind.

GETTING THE CHEAPEST ESTIMATE – You typed into your Google search bar and there goes a website leading you to a removal firm. You think their services are good enough and that their quote is really cheap so you go on and hire them. Wrong! Interview more than one mover. Ask for a quote on all of them and be sure to inform them in detail about your stuff the new place and your current home. Inquire about additional charges if any. Make sure that you choose a reasonably priced estimate. Most often than not when you hear a too good to be true price it always is. Ask for a written contract and peruse it well. Don’t sign immediately.

Looking for Office Movers Covering London

February 17th, 2014

It’s time to bring your business up a notch by moving to a bigger headquarters. Now, you’re on the lookout for the best office movers covering London. All those hard work you and your team have put up in order to invest and purchase all those assets should not go to waste just because you failed to contact the right professionals in town. Who knows they weren’t even professionals to begin with? Now, how exactly do you know which removal firm to hire? What should you look out for? What qualifications should you include in your checklist? Worry no more as we will gladly answer those looming questions.

office moversTICK TOCK TICK TOCK – When you are on the move everything else is on hiatus or at least a big part of the business is. Things have to be done as fast as possible without compromising safety not only for your assets but for your team and on the movers’ side as well. If this is not achieved you can lose considerable amount of profits and clients. This then makes time management an important aspect to look at. How fast, efficient and effective can your office movers work?

THE GAME PLAN – Well trained and experienced professionals know how to carefully and strategically create and implement plans that are tailor fit for your company’s situation. They will have standards and procedures but at the same time they too will adjust and fine tune things to better uphold quality of service for the client. Besides, no two businesses are exactly the same thus they often vary in the services they want performed.

A MAP IN THEIR HEADS – This is a definite must. Your office movers need to know the road well from the shortcuts to the heavily congested areas to the flood prone etcetera. They need to get things to the new building fast and safe. They cannot do that if they aren’t aware that the road to left has a cliff for a dead end.

BOY SCOUT AWARDEE – Of course, they should have with them at the ready all tools, materials, equipment and supplies needed for the packing, labeling, boxing, disassembling and truck loading for all your assets. Everything hast to be protected to avoid the unwanted losses and damages brought about by bumps along the road and the carrying of everything from here to there. No substandard supply should be present. Not even one.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT – Lastly when looking for office movers covering London, you have to make sure that their service price or quote is reasonable. Don’t be easily swayed by very low prices because chances are these have loads of hidden charges, bad service and it could even be a scam. Expensive doesn’t denote the best there is as well. Find balance and go for movers whose price is reasonable with their service quality.

Tricks for an Organized Move According to Amber Moves

February 12th, 2014

Moving and relocation is something that one should anticipate. Admit it or not at one point in your life you will have to move. It could be because of your studies, work, family life or any other change that requires it. A new chapter is about to begin so you should be happy and make the most out of it. Now, the thing that most people hate when this day does come is the tremendous amount of work to be done or in short, the packing. The reason why many people find it arduous is because they fail to do it in an organized manner. If you do it right then there’s less fuss to worry about. To help you get rid of all those frowns and hassle then read on down for a list of tricks for an organized relocation from Amber Moves, one of London’s leading removal firms.

GET PROS WHO CAN WALK THE TALK – Sure you can do it all by yourself but in the event that you choose to get a removal company to relieve you of stress then be sure to get the professionals. Don’t be easily swayed with cheap costs. Inquire and do your research well.

home moversBOXES AND MORE BOXES – Get cartons in different sizes. Bigger ones should hold bulky but lighter items while the small ones will be perfect for belongings that can weigh a ton if packed together. This way carrying them will not stress the life out of your muscles.

ONE ROOM AT A TIME – Start one room at a time and don’t do it altogether. Go with a part of your house that is not often used, the garage and the attic for example and gradually to the bedrooms and the kitchen.

LABEL ACCORDINGLY – Don’t forget to label all the boxes with the room they belong to and with a control number for easy monitoring. You can use different colored markers for this to distinguish the contents of one room from another.

PREPARE AN INVENTORY LIST – With all those labels put in place, make a list so that you can track and monitor if all your items have been moved completely and nothing is left behind.

THE SURVIVAL KIT – For each member of the household, see to it that they have a survival kit that contains stuff they are most likely to use right away like a few clothes, slippers, chargers, toothbrush and the like. You won’t be able to unpack everything immediately so better get a personal box.

GET IN THE ADDRESS – To assure that in the event something gets lost and are returned, stick in address labels to all your cartons.

IT’S THE PERFECT TIME FOR A SPRING CLEAN – Lastly, Amber Moves reminds us that when you don’t need it, leave it behind or you can give them away to friends, donate to charity or sell on a garage sale. Don’t bring clutter and useless stuff with you.

Moving to a new house?

10 Summer Cost Saving Moving Tips